Strap Winder Comparison

Compare our strap winder range and find the one that suits your winding job. Most of our strap winders are compatible with our Add-One System that can be adjusted to the thickness and width of the strap. Therefore, we recommend you start by choosing which length of straps you primarily use.

Dynello Rewinder II

Dynello Accu Winder

Dynello Lite

Dynello Lite XL

fastwinder Standard 

fastwinder Bandage Roller 

Type Power tool Attachment for drill Attachment for drill Attachment for drill Attachment for drill & manual Attachment for drill & manual
Strap, max length 10m 13m 13m 30m 20m 20m
Strap, max width 50mm 50mm 75mm 75mm 50mm 100mm
Maintenance free x x
Weigth (tool) 1400g 275g 125g 150g 185g 200g
Add-On System compatible x x 1 1
Hand-Crank compatible (use manually) x x x x

1Only applies for Steer Assembly.


The Add-On System

Our new Add-On System offers modularity to a large range of the winders. Adapt your winder to the width and thickness of the strap. Read more about the new Add-On System.

dynello add-on system